Working With Ditto: A Review of 1-1 and 1-0-1 Techs

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Hey OneHitKO people, it’s me, coolestman22 again, here with another article to try to help keep the site going. I said in my last article that I would try to write about the techs Ditto brings to the table, and I decided to do just that.

Anyway, Esa wrote a neat article about how good Ditto is on his blog (Which I recommend reading if you haven’t), but

he didn’t go over the usefulness of the techs you could set up via Ditto. He mentioned a few, and he did a bit of reviewing them, but he didn’t go that much in detail.

So without further ado, I guess I should start the article. Please do note that these are not ranked, they’re just there in the order they came to my head in.

Dusknoir BoC

Dusknoir is probably going to be the most popular Ditto tech. The Ability is just so powerful that if you manage to get a Dusknoir out, it will probably lead to a few prizes by itself. You could also use it to take out your opponent’s all-important Stage Two Energy accelerator, or use the damage from the EX they retreated to kill their active …

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Deck Workshop: Chandelure/Leafeon/Samurott

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

This one came to me a bit out of left field.  This guy named Rafal sent me an email, because he was excited about my Challenge.  The problem is that, because my final City Championship is in 2 days from now, I couldn’t really justify having him send me cards.  They probably wouldn’t even arrive in time.  I started discussing things with him about building decks on a budget and under other constraints, and it came up that him and his friends were finding themselves in a similar position.

Rafal himself was in a good position, because he had been able to trade and borrow into cards good enough to build a workable 6 Corners style deck.  He said that, other than a Cobalion and a second Kyurem, he’s got it pretty set already.

However, he has 2 friends that are finding it difficult to build a competitive deck.  He was able to send me one of the lists, so we’ll talk about that one here.  The other, by chance, is a Raichu Prime / Eelektrik deck, which I have personal experience with.  Maybe we’ll get to that deck at a later date.  For now, let’s talk about Chandelure/Leafeon/Samurott.

We should get straight to the decklist, and then we can discuss how this deck can be improved.  I’d like lots of comments on this article, so maybe we can help get this guy sorted out.  Remember that he’s on a budget, so stuff like “add 4 Catcher” might be useless.  I’ll try to get some info on what his restrictions are, but for now, just try to keep “cheap” in mind.

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Possible Decks From Noble Victories

Friday, November 11th, 2011

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with an article about decks that can come from the Noble Victories set.  I also have my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro here with me.  Sorry for this article coming out late.  Again the server crashed on me when the article was almost finished.  So that pushed the article back a day or so.  But let’s move on, What’s on your mind tonight Pedro?

Well I got no news to report or anything like that.  I can remind our readers that if they leave right now they can avoid reading another article on this site, there is still time. 

Pedro, I’m trying to draw people to the site.  I don’t want to drive them away, no matter how beneficial it will be to them.  Sure we aren’t as good as a normal website with a sponsor, paid writers, and servers that don’t crash every half an hour; but I still do my best to put out sub par articles with lots of spelling errors.

Well if you wanna torture these good people, I guess you can continue on.  Let’s look at possible decks from the cards from Noble Victories. 

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