Team Omar Makes T4 In CA

by Omar ~ December 21st, 2009.

My cities was INSANE out here. So many good players, including one of my losses came from a guy in the top 10 in worlds atm. I was running GG.  Out here, everyone techs against Dialga. Everyone. Not one person likes it. haha. But there is what happened roughly.

Round 1: GG vs. Lady Gaga (luxray G & Garchomp G) with infernape 4 and blaziken FB

I locked up his ability to heal and his ability to bring up anyone he wanted active starting turn 2 and never looked back. He also didnt pull a supporter untill turn 4, and he didnt ever pull cyrus. Pretty much locked him up hard and then 1 hit KO his luxray with my gallade. He couldnt recover. GG :)

Round 2: GG vs. Salamance

I was really surprised at the amount of salamance decks out here. There are some pretty sick strategies with this deck. First, they run Kingdra, discard energies and do 60 and 20 to a bench. Then, they use delcatty and salamance AR to play multiple energies a turn, and the point is to injur someone on the bench to a point of being 20 hp away(usually claydol) and then they Lv. X their Salamance, and use shoot through, doing 50 up-front, most likely knocking him out, and then knocking out the benched guy. This gives them 4 prizes. Unfortunately for him, i had him in a lock starting turn 3 for the whole game, so no delcatty, no salamance AR energy acceleration, and no double fall(multiple prizes). He couldnt keep up, and lost.
Round 3: GG vs. Gengar, Nidoqueen, Blaziken FB????

Im not ever supposed to win this matchup. Period. I have too many pokepower people in my deck that are active at one point, and not enough unownG To cover everything up, making my only shot to get around Gengar is to use Gardevoir X and bring down, but unfortunately unownG their gengars, making that impossible to get around, and so they usually win the prize race and KO my dudes with fainting spell. And thats exactly what happened. i lost. I guess the blaziken is for Dialga, which is a good tech, i just never thought people would try it.

Round 4: GG vs. Blaziken FB, Blaziken PL?, and Gliscor(the one used in lock decks)

This was the slowest player ever. I guess the point they used was to burn me either with Blaziken PL? and gliscor, and then use the FB lvl X to do 40 more damage, whether it was blaziken using jet shoot, or gliscor using pester. Either way, they couldnt burn me, because i unownG my active gardevoir, and lock powers, so no way to burn. He also struggled getting cards since he got locked starting turn 2. unfortunately, i couldnt get KO’s because he would just use the gliscor’s attack and go back in his hand over and over, but after a while, since there was no BTS it caught up to him, and after time was called, i was winning 3-4 prize count. I swear i only attacked like 4 times, thats how long it took.

Round 5: GG vs. flygon nidoqueen dusknoir blazken FB gengar

IDK HOW HE DOES IT, but i guess he won cities last week with this redic amount of cards in his deck. He said he likes the variety and all the outs he has, but starting my second turn, he was power locked for the rest of the game. 3 turns later, he scooped, and i laughed thinking there is no way he won with that redic amount of cards in one deck. How he was 3-1 at this point was confusing.

So after this, turns out the top 8 are filled with some rediculously stacked decks not for my favor. turns out the guys i beat round 1 and 2 were also in the top.

1. Garchomp Dialga
2. Gengar
3. Flygon Varient
4. GG <– Me
5. Gengar
6. Lady gaga with infernape 4 and blaziken FB
7. Salamance
8. Garchomp Dialga

So i play 5th seed. Gengar. not to mention, this is a normal tourney where it is best 2 out of 3.

So, i get to play another Gengar deck, not the same one i played before, but one that ran Manectric, making it pretty much impossible for me to win, because of his spread ability, 30 dmg to anyone that has a pokepower for 1 energy, and then after two turns of that, he can compound pain for like 4 knock outs. So i sit down expecting to just lose. My lock saves me tho. He wasnt able to get enough energies, and missed many different drops, and because i started my lock turn 1 instead of 2, he wasnt ever able to unown G anything, making gengars killable without any fainting spell flips. So he scoops when he sees there is no way, and i am ecstatic. woohoo. i win round 1.

Now, the rounds are 45 min, to play best 2 out of 3. But, for game 2 to count, 4 prizes need to be taken. There was less then 20 min left after game 1. This game he was setting up at the normal pace, and i knew there was no way for me to win this game. He takes his 3rd prize when time is called. HAHAHAH yay!!!!.

So, as the top 4 are called, i laugh. The people i beat round 1 and 2 are playing each other, and then there was stefan Tobaco or sumthing like that. Hasnt lost yet today. ranked 11 in world before the tourney. Sweet jesus. He was playing Gachomp Dialga, So with the special metals, and resistence, i would usully do 20 and no pokepowers, so yeah i ended up losing this one. Couldnt get around 80 damage a turn when i can only do 20, and then he couldnt snipe claydols. Ish. So i end there, and salamance lost next to me. Since i beat salamance, i get 3rd, take 5 packs instead of 4, idk why, get a shiny omynite for my close to fully hollow water deck, and go 5-2, hopefully getting a positive rating on the day.

That was my day. lasted from 11-7:30. Sweet jesus.

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