HGSS: Decks To Prepare For

by Omar ~ January 16th, 2010.

Im thinkin that this next set will change how people play the game completely. There are a lot of new weapons starting up, pokemon prime, better trainer cards, and my favorite, double colorless energy.

Because of this, i think some decks will re-emerge, and some will start to emerge. Lets begin with decks that will start next season:

Fire deck: Typhlosian HGSS, Charizard AR, Ninetales HGSS
This deck is one i think will see a lot of play. Being able to play 2 energies a turn, draw 3 cards a turn, and do more for each fire pokemon out is a big deal. The charizard, being your main attacker, will tank anything you have, since it will have 160 life with an expert belt, and do roughly 80-100 damage for 1 energy with that belt. Yep, 80-100 with one. Or, 130-150 for 3. Take you pick. Dialga, get owned. This deck should see play, seems very consistent since there is a beter draw engine then claydols, and it benefits charizard to. Some key things this deck will prolly tech is a 1-0-1 exploud line to get rid of the consistent weakness of water everywhere. As for other techs, i dont think this deck will need anything but consistency cards(Rosies, uxie, collecter, bebes) and rebound cards, like cynthias. Nothing to special. Boom.

Deck 2: Feraligatr
People will try to get this card to be useful, with as many energy drps as need be per turn, no question it will be used. Its even better with a grass weakness, because luxray snipe wont be an issue on this guy. Mabye the retreat will be, but there isnt a limit to the neergy drops and it should be able to get one shot unless SP decks start to run a grass SP counter. Not worth it imo. Some combos could be with blastoise, kingdra, or mabye even just straight feraligatr with crobat G and something else. idk. it will be used in some way, shape, or form.

Those are the 2 decks i think will see the most play, the other pokemon prime arent as consistent or appealing in my opinoin as these 2 are. As for decks that will re-emerge or become more popular

Deck 1: GG
Garde gallade isnt run very much right now due to the slow pace it plays at. Well, not only needing 2 energy drops on all attackers, welcome back my man. The speed and consistency will raise, and expert belt can be now teched since it shouldnt take as long to set up as it has been in the past. PLOX ftw.

deck 2: Garchomp
Someone will use this to destroy people. With the garchomp used from i wanna say SV, its second attack, doing 120-20 for each energy on the opposition, will see lots of play. I also think that with its lvl. X to compliment it, this card will become golden. Doing 80 usually for 2, 140 health, and a nasty pokebody against anyone, this card should see some use.

Deck 3: Flygon varients
Everyone saw this coming, flygon, the already consistent and well paced deck just got faster. Nuf said.

deck 4: Garchomp C
Heres something i would have never seen, garchomp snipes for 1 energy and an e-gain. huh, 80 target damage for 1 energy, it already comes out of nowhere, and now it can just drop on you without a bronzong switch. Sweet mother. The double colorless will help dialga garchomp conserve the e-gains and speed up the chomp. No if its used in luxchomp or ladygaga, you can keep your energy with luxray, or bronzong it to another pokemon to further prepare them and just snipe with garchomp with 1 energy. im not gonna like that.

deck 5: Porygon Z
Now that all the yummy special energies will be out, porygon will ravage your use of them, discarding them so they arent accessible at all, since most specials cant be recycled at all, and swing from anywhere in the 40-200 range as need be. Lets see, take out energy drops, only needs 1 mabye 2 to attack. yum.

Now, those are some of the main things i see emerging next set. others may be tested or used, idk, but these are the ones i see to be the most used and consistent. Now, the next portion is specifically for us SP based lovers out there (Me, ed) since abdi dreads playing it, idk why. What decks will we start to see become more consistent or played more. lemme give you a hint.

the power lock will probably see more play. With all the new powers and speed everyone will have, this deck will slow them down, and take them out before they can even do anything about it. No powers, making all the new powers that will be used all over the place gone. decks might get something set up fast with cards in hand, but Sp decks take the opposition advantage and create a counter to cripple them even more. And with power locks. Yum.

It doesnt matter the varient. The more cards come out that need prep time, the more this card will be sought after. target sniping or bringing someone up to slow your opponent down, delicious. this card also helps vs most water matchups, but might have a tough time vs Feraligatr(grass weakness).

jk. with the fire focus coming back into decks, whether it be blaziken FB or the new one coming out, dialga is slowly getting teched against and slowly declining in play. The tank form of this cant even tough blaziken FB, and even with the carizard body off, he still crushed dialga. end of story.

So, with the sp deck choices hardly declining, what deck is cheap yet destructive. with newer trainers coming out that speed everyone, and a target supporter snipe from the top 7 cards, Sp will become more conisistent as if they alreay arent. The decks i would suggest to play would be Palkia lock or lady gaga. period. nothing else to say on that

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