Team Beast Day 1 Nats

by Ed ~ June 25th, 2010.

I just talked to Omar. We may have to rename the to Team Beast if he keeps this up. It seems that Omar’s only loss was to his unlucky pairing against Tyranitar. Otherwise, he won tough matches against Jumpluff and Sabledonk. He ended the day 6-1, which has to put him in the running for the top cut.

He mentioned that there were 1336 players (which he pointed out was one short of the LEET 1337 / 826 masters, 300 seniors, 210 juniors). That field is split into two groups, and there will be a top-64 in each group. I believe that the field will be cut down to top-16 in each group by the end of Saturday.

Abdi and Benny are also representing Team Omar. Each of them are 3-4 at the end of Day 1. That puts the team at 12-9, which I’m very proud of. Cheffords, reporting for #TeamOmar, went 4-3 for the day with his daughter going 3-3 in Juniors.

I also heard a little about the rest of the MN players. This could be completely wrong, but I’ll mention it anyway. It sounded like Andy, Radu, and Emmanuel were having a tough time with their Kingdra/Machamp. They were something like 3-3 before the final round. Jon (Jake Long) and Michael (short) had the same record as Omar (5-1) heading into the final round of Swiss. Hopefully they’re both 6-1 also.

I think that covers it for Day 1. Good luck to all of you. Keep wrecking the field, Omar!

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  • pikkdogs

    Awesome. Keep it up Omar,

    What a nice chap that guy is.

    Also good job to Cheffords, I know its hard out there for a shuppet.

    I can't say that Im losing any sleep over Radu not doing well, though.

  • Cheffords

    Hey guys, thanks for the props. I ended my run with a 6-3 record which put me at 79th. in the flight I was in. So, not too bad really, 79 out of about 450. 2 of the 3 losses I got were essentially auto-loss for my deck (CurseGar with 4 Spiritomb and Dialga G deafen lock). The third loss was against Gardavoir powerlock with a Nidoqueen tech; I had a chance to win this game if it weren't for the 2 Judge cards he played. Overall I am very pleased with my deck's performance and my own playing (no real misplays all tournament).

    Overall it was a great event and we are happy we made the trip and took the time off for it.

  • Ed

    That's cool. It was fun to follow along. Thanks for posting updates for us!

    Did you see this pic?
    I can't keep track of where this stuff came from, but I thought that looked like your daughter with the gray shirt.

  • Cheffords

    It was fun to send the tweets, although I forgot the hash tag several times, and I wish the camera on my phone took better pics. Anyway, I think the live twitter feed is a cool thing to do.

    You are correct, it is my daughter with the gray shirt and hat.