Big Announcement – Introducing…

by Pikkdogs ~ August 4th, 2011.

Hey Everybody.

This is just Pikkdogs here to make a special announcement.

Don’t  get your hopes up, I’m not retiring.

But, I guess you could say I’m retiring for one week.

Ed and I are proud to announce that during the week of August 8th-14th, will be introducing its first “Guest Writer Week.”  During this week you will read articles from people who have never written on this site before.  The writers will be from all different areas of expertise.  From Nationals winners to league leaders, Guest Writer Week will have it all.

Ed and I have been working really hard on this week to try to get the best writers, and I think I can say that we got one of the best and most diverse groups of writers ever assembled for one week of articles.  The authors who have currently signed on for Guest Writer Week are, in no practicular order:

  1. Alan Traxler – Ann Arbor’s League Leader and player in Michigan.
  2. Jay Hornung – the 3rd place finisher of Worlds in 2009 and winner of too many other tournaments to mention.  He writes the “Jay’s Gym” article on
  3. Kyle Sucevich – also known as “Pooka,” he is the 2009 U.S. Nationals 1st place winner, finished in the top 4 in 2010, and got second place in 2011.  He currently is one of the masterminds of the show “The Top Cut.”  It can be found on
  4. Michael Slutsky – Competitive player in the Minneapolis area.
  5. Jordan Baker – Member of Team Warp Point and competitive player in the Detroit Area.
  6. Adam Capriola – Adam has many accomplishments including multiple Nationals top cuts (most recently this year) and multiple Worlds invites. Oh, and he has a little website you may have heard of called
  7. Radu C. – Competitive player in the Minneapolis area.  He top cut in this year’s U.S. Nationals and has won many other tournaments. He also has competed in Worlds.  He has the distinction of being the first player I have ever lost to, which doesn’t really matter that much to anyone but me.

Of course this list is subject to change. Ed and I are still finalizing some things with some of the writers, and who knows we may get a new writer or two along the way.  But, so far these 7 writers have made the commitment to join Guest Writer Week.

While we are very happy to be hosting these excellent writers and players for Guest Writer Week, that is not the only improvement that is going on at  We also have added several pages that you can access at the top of the page just below the logo.

As you can see, Ed and I are working hard on improving the site.  If you have any suggestions for the site, you can leave them in the comment box.

Thanks, and make sure to take some time to get ready, because the madness starts on August 8th!

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  • Anonymous

    Sounds awesome. All great names, with impeccable creds…I’m looking forward to it!

    • Ed

      Yeah, well, except for that one guy, amiright?

      Sarcasm folks.  I’m quite excited to hear from each of these guys, myself!

  • Bob

    Underground writers?? OH YES!!

  • Quarter-Turn


  • Radu

    Ill write one. Also I just wanna say I pikkdogs arguements on 6P over the Prof Cup thing are actually things i agree with, which is rare.

    • Ed

      Cool!  I’ll email you.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Radu!!! very happy to have ya along.  

      • After reading everything, I’d also like to comment on the matter. Pikkdogs, in all of the comments, it seems like you are one of the very few people, besides CC, who is making sense. She makes sense because she is obviously very involved, and her side of the argument makes sense. It’s really well thought out man, props.

        I’ve said it a few times, but I think that if he wasn’t in the tournament, she would have played a different person in that round of swiss. She could have gone undefeated instead of her actual swiss record and ended up in a different seed in top, and lost, therefore, not getting up to T2 and stuff. Him not being in the tournament could have completely altered the tournament, so I don’t think the argument that if he wasn’t there she would have won is valid. 

        My two cents~

        • Anonymous

          exactly.  You hit it right on the head.  

          Its not like the 100 meter dash where we can take out one person, and everything else is basically the same.  If we take out someone who X-0ed there is no way to tell who would have won.  Its not fair for everyone else to give CC the trophy, because she lost fair and square.  The only right thing to do is to leave it vacated.  

    • jake long

      Ur bad. Don’t let this man write an article for u.

  • I’d say my list of achievements is by far superior to anyone elses. Loooooool

    • Andy Wieman

      Lol! Nationals winner! Tournament winner! 3rd at worlds! Competitive player!!!

      • You cant even DESCRIBE what I’ve done. 

        • RADU

          Dude, you a second T a BR or two

    • Ed

      To be honest, I didn’t know what to put for you.  To me, it’s not about achievements, but it’s something people identify with.  I sent out the prelim version and I thought you might reply with something you wanted put there.  After that, I forgot about it.  :)

      • No it was kind of a joke…

        • Ed

          I figured, but there was some truth to the fact that it looked a bit off compared to the others.  I changed it.  Maybe that’s better.  Maybe it was better before.  I dunno.  :)

          • TheRadu

            White lie ftl

          • Ed

            White lie?  Which part?  He top cuts in MN and WI.  That’s most of the territory.

          • No no change it back XD I don’t usually top cut places. I don’t care, Radu just wanted to be an ass, I don’t really care. XD. I’ve never topped in anywhere but MN.

          • Ed

            I thought you guys went to WI this past BR (or maybe it was Cities) and topped.  I dunno.  Whatever.  I’ll put it back.

            EDIT: Man, when I was updating it, I was temped to just put “NOBODY” in there.

          • TheRadu

            That would be true

          • Are all of the MN tournaments located in the Minneapolis area?

          • Ed

            I think so.  I don’t know of any in outstate MN.

          • Anonymous

            I think there is a very small community near St. Cloud, but I would guess they wouldn’t be competitive, if you guys didn’t know about them.