Pikkdogs Went to a Pre-Release

by Pikkdogs ~ January 30th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a Pre-Release tournament report.  I usually wouldn’t write you a PR report, but it could provide a nice break for me while I write my next article, which may take a little while.  Why don’t we take this time to welcome my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro.  How was your weekend Pedro?

Pretty good, a nice sports weekend.  We had the Pro Bowl, the NHL All Star Game, the finals of the Australian Open, the Royal Rumble, and even some Free UFC on Fox. 

I watched that UFC on Saturday.  There is no doubt that it takes a man much tougher than me to step into the Octagon, but on Saturday it seemed like UFC is just an excuse for two dudes to cuddle in the corner of a cage.

Those are big men, I wouldn’t be calling them gay. 

I didn’t call them gay, I implied it.  Plus, they always wear those bright T-shirts, you can’t wear that many pastel colors without some questions.  Let’s get onto the article before I say more things that I will regret.


The Introduction

I did not plan on going to my Next Destinies Pre-Release on Sunday.  I wanted to, but I just didn’t have the money.    That all changed on Saturday.  I came back to my apartment after going out for lunch, and I found a strange package at my door.

Oh, somebody gave you their package?

Yes, I guess you could say that.

Was it a big package?  A long package?

No, it wasn’t that big.

Oh, so somebody gave you their small package.

Will you stop with the penis jokes, they aren’t working.  Anyway, the mailman left me a pack…. A box, the mailman left me a box.   In the box was a gift from my sister and her two kids.  They had given me a box of chocolates and 25 bucks.  I’m not sure why they did that; perhaps just to be nice, or a late Christimas present, or perhaps an early Valentine’s Day gift.  My first thought was, “sweet…. a Pre-Release, and chocolate.”

So I was able to head to the Pre-Release Sunday.  It was held at a venue about an hour away from me.  It was snowing a little bit on that day, so the roads weren’t that good, but I’m from the U.P. and a little snow  doesn’t scare a Yooper.  So, after a longer drive than usual, I made it to the venue.

I was expecting maybe about 40-50 people at the event, but we ended up having 80!  They even had to turn people away.  I never heard of anybody getting turned away from a PR before.  So things were cramped to say the least.  I did see a lot of cool people there.  Some of the members of Team Warp Point were there, like Frank S. and Bohdan.  I also saw some people from Lansing like my buddy Andrew, and some people from Ann Arbor’s Team Victini.  So, after saying hi to people and finally finding a chair, I saw down to open my packs.

Of course, like everybody else, I was here for a chance at a Mewtwo EX.  I was also looking for all the other EXs, and maybe cards like Musharna and Cilan.  And, of course I was looking for as many Growlithe cards as possible, the chick in the background of that card is pretty hot.

So, I got my 6 packs and I actually pulled fairly well.  In my second pack I pulled a Full Art Shaymin EX!  That was always good, and for the tournament I got a cool card in Zekrom.  I know that Reshiram and Zekrom are good cards, but when will it stop being fun for Nintendo to print those cards?Seriously there are more Reshiram and Zekrom cards than are legal to play!   I also got some pretty good PR cards, like Starmie, Hippowdon, Luxray, Simisage, Mienfoo, and Level Ball.  I didn’t  get Mewtwo EX or Musharna, but it’s not right to complain about a Full Art.

The tournament was only 3 rounds today, but I suppose that’s enough for it starting as late as it did.  I quickly made my deck with Shaymin, Zekrom, Mienfoo, Basculin, Simisage, and Hippowdon.  I didn’t get a lot of the consistency cards that are in the set, but I did get some decent cards that are quick, so I knew I had a little chance.

Round 1

This game was against Evan, a player from Lansing.  He didn’t get a good start, he had a lot of energies in his hand and not many Pokemon.  I started with an active Basculin, and I had a Hippowdon and a Level Ball in my hand.  I started attacking with Basculin, and started setting up the Hippowdon.  He started with Riolu and a bunch of Kricketots.  I ended up getting the knock with Basculin, and got 3 energies on Hippowdon.  He eventually did find a Zekrom, but that didn’t help him when I had Hippowdon running this hot.

1-0.  So an easy win because of the tank that is Hippowdon.

Round 2

I don’t know exactly who this guy is, but I think he might be a friend of a Warp Pointer.  He sat right next to me when we were making our decks.   I got a good start with a 2nd turn Mienfoo   But, he got about as good of a start as I did.  He did start with Basculin and had a Lapras on the bench.  He got the KO on my active, and then I returned it with Pansage. He then was able to return it with Lapras.  But, then I got a Hippotas going and returned his KO.  The prize I took that time was Hippowdon, and the game was over from there.  He could not match the tank that is Hippowdon.

2-0.  Chalk another one up for Hippowdon.  I know PRs don’t mean anything, but it would be nice to leave undefeated.

Round 3

This game was against a member of Team Victini, he is a really nice guy, so It was nice to play him.  It was too bad that he started terribly.  He had a Moltres active and a bunch of stage 1’s in his hand.  I started with the super bass, Basculin, and was able to take advantage of weakness.  My opponent had three turns to top deck a basic, but he never did.  So I was able to get the KO with Basculin and he had no basics to promote.

3-0.   I know it doesn’t matter, but whenever you leave undefeated it is not a bad  feeling.  We did not play enough rounds to crown a true winner, but sharing 1st place with around 4 other guys is still 1st place.  It doesn’t mean much, but it could give me a little momentum and confidence as we progress into States.  And if it is one thing that I need after my disastrous Cities season, it is confidence.

So, a big thanks goes out to the Judges and Derek, the TO.  You guys make all this possible.  Another thanks to everyone that attended, you guys made the day that much better.  It seemed kind of weird that I won all my games, but never really used my two best cards, Zekrom and Shaymin EX.  That just shows you how weird PR’s can be.  Sometimes they go by the book, and other times they are unpredictable. 


So you are bragging about winning a PR? PR’s don’t mean anything.

                I didn’t brag, I just reported what happened.  Instead of picking on me, why don’t you wrap things up.

Alright, today. January 30th, is the anniversary of the first presidential assassination attempt.  Richard Lawrence, a house painter, fired two single shot revolvers at point blank rage at Andrew Jackson, and both guns misfired.  Jackson then proceded to beat Lawrence’s ass with his cane.  Jackson thought that Lawrence might have been hired by the Whig party to kill him, so that he would not be able to shut down the Bank of the United States.  Do you like the Andrew Jackson Pikkdogs?

I love the Andrew Jackson, probably my favorite president.  Shutting down the bank of the United States was probably one of the best things a president ever did.  You also gotta love the fact that he won the battle of New Orleans,  that he had a strict interpretation of the constitution, and he advocated for states rights. 

But, he helped slavery expand and forcefully relocated thousands of Native Americans away from their homes.

Ahhhhhhh, well………………… good night everybody. 



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