Klaczynski Open 2013

by balasar ~ July 15th, 2013.

So I’m sure most of you have heard of this by now, but for the few of you who haven’t, Jason Klaczynski, the only two-time Pokemon TCG Worlds Champion, is hosting a unsanctioned tournament next month. The hope is for it to spiral into a full-blown TCG circuit that will run alongside the official Premier tournaments.  NOTE: The following information is off of the event’s webpage (http://ko2013.eventbrite.com/), and none of it has been altered in any manner.


The official logo for the 2013 Klaczynski Open (KO).

The Klaczynski Open

Two days of non-stop Pokémon TCG fun!


Earlybird Registration is available until July 15!

Register by July 15 to save $10 off the standard registration price!

Main Event: $30 earlybird ($40 after July 15)

14 & Under Event: $20 earlybird ($30 after July 15)


The Klaczynski Open is an unsanctioned (unaffiliated with TPCi) Pokémon Trading Card Game event featuring two separate tournaments that will run side-by-side:

  • Main Event (intended for players ages 15 & up)

    Custom die given to all entrants of the KO

    The official custom die given to all entrants of the KO.

  • 14 & Under Event (open only to players ages 14 and under)

All entrants will receive a customized die bearing the name of the event!



2013-’14 Modified (Black & White – Plasma Blast*)
*This format is preliminary and may change.


Tournament Schedule

Day 1 (Saturday)

Both events will host five or six rounds of Best 2-of-3 swiss, featuring a 75 minute + 3 turn time limit, as well as a Lunch break. Side Events will be available throughout the day.

  • Doors Open: 8:00 A.M.
  • Deck Lists Due: 9:00 A.M.
  • Round 1 Begins: 9:30 A.M.

If you submit a deck list online (see below for information), simply arrive by 9 AM.


Day 2 (Sunday)

  • Play resumes: 9:30 A.M.

14 & Under will begin Top 8, single elimination (Best 2-of-3, 90+3). Main Event players will play one to two more rounds of swiss before a lunch break and then begin a single elimination top cut (Best 2-of-3, 90+3 for Top 8/Top 4, Best-of-5, untimed for finals).


Main Event
1st Place

2nd Place 

  • 3 Plasma Blast Booster Boxes
  • 15th Anniversary Pikachu Set
  • The Top Cut playmat

3rd & 4th Place: 2 Plasma Blast Booster Boxes, The Top Cut playmat

5th-8th Place: 1 Plasma Blast Booster Box, The Top Cut playmat

9th-16th Place*: 18 Plasma Blast Booster Packs

17th-32nd Place*: 9 Plasma Blast Booster Packs

*Prizes for 9th-16th are awarded for 150+ entrants, prizes for 17th-32nd are awarded for 200+ entrants.


14 & Under Event
1st Place

2nd Place: 18 Plasma Blast Booster Packs, The Top Cut playmat

3rd Place: 12 Plasma Blast Booster Packs

4th Place: 10 Plasma Blast Booster Packs

5th-8th Place: 8 Plasma Blast Booster Packs



The Tinley Park Convention Center is conveniently connected to the Holiday Inn, which is offering a discounted group rate for rooms to our group:

  • Friday Night: $169 +tax
  • Saturday Night: $149 +tax
  • Sunday Night: $149 +tax

Enter group code POK on their web-site to receive this discount.

Note: Only rooms with 1 King bed receive the promotional rate. Rooms with two beds are only available for Saturday & Sunday night, and are slightly more expensive.


Tinley Park Holiday Inn

18501 Convention Center Drive, Tinley Park, IL

Tel: (708) 444-1100



Chicago has two major airports, both driving distance from the event.

From Midway International Airport (MDW): 39 minutes

From O’Hare International Airport (ORD): 48 minutes

Shuttles to the Convention Center are available at both airports for a fee. You can also make travel arrangements using ourFacebook group.


Deck Registration

All players must turn in a legal deck list. Deck lists may be turned in online or at the event.


To register your deck list online:
Simply fill out this form before checking in at the event: KO Deck Registration Form

Note: You must first purchase your Event Ticket online before turning in a decklist.


To register your deck at the event:

Be in line by 9 A.M. with a completed decklist to avoid a Round 1 loss.


Side Events

The following side events will be available both Saturday and Sunday. All events are single elimination.

  • 8-person On-Demand Modified Win-a-box Tournaments: $15
  • 8-person On-Demand Plasma Blast Draft Tournaments: $15 (4 boosters to winner)
  • 8-person On-Demand Tin Tournaments: $15 (4 boosters to winner)



If you’ve played a sanctioned or premier Pokémon TCG event, you will notice our tournament is ran almost identically to one of these events. Two small differences include:

  • Players that lose a game in a Best 2-of-3 match always have the option to play first in the next game of the match. (In sanctioned events, Sudden Death games replace this choice with a coin flip, allowing a player to potentially play first in all three games.)
  • All language Tropical Beach cards are permitted in decks.

If you’ve never played a sanctioned or premier event, or need a refresher, here’s a list of our rules.



Because this is a family event, players are also expected to act accordingly and avoid foul and abusive language. While trading of cards is fine, selling cards or merchandise at the venue is prohibited except for the on-site vendor. Anyone who violates these rules may be asked to leave.



Players caught cheating intentionally (at the discretion of the Head Judge) will be disqualified without prize and removed from the event. Additionally, players caught cheating may be banned from future events. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff of judges will be on the look out for players attempting to cheat. Do not risk embarrassing yourself — you will be removed from the venue.



Tournament Organizer: Jason Klaczynski


  • Heidi Craig (Head Judge)
  • Laura McQuistion
  • Theodore Johnpaul Adams
  • Adam Vernola
  • Chris Fulop
  • Shaun Kauffman
  • Mike Newman



What’s an unsanctioned event?

The Klaczynski Open is an unsanctioned event, meaning it is not affiliated with The Pokémon Company International or its Play! Pokémon organized play program. Running an unsanctioned event allows the tournament organizer more flexibility by removing restrictions placed on sanctioned events.


Is the promotional rate of $149/night available on Friday night?

Because of limited rooms, the promotional rate offered by the Holiday Inn is only available for Saturday & Sunday night. The rate on Friday (and other nights) will be the standard $169/night.


Are ties possible in matches?

All matches will play down to a winner and loser. Ties may be used in future events in swiss rounds.


Is there food on site?

Food will be available at the event. Additionally, there are several nearby restaurants, some walking distance from the Convention Center.


Will there be a vendor on site?

Top Cut Central, a Chicagoland card shop, will be on-site both buying and selling Pokémon TCG cards. Items for sale will include: dice, damage counters, boosters, single cards, card protectors.


Can I buy a ticket at the door?

Depending on availability, players may enter the Main Event by paying $45 at the door. Attendance is limited, so purchase your ticket online to ensure your seat at the event.

14 & Under Event players may also enter by paying $35 at the door, but attendance is limited. Purchase your ticket online to ensure your seat at the event.


Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable and must be used by the participant listed on the ticket.


Will The Top Cut be at the event?

The Top Cut, including Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich will be at the event, streaming featured matches throughout the duration of the tournament.


Can a player age 14 or under play in the Main Event?

Yes. Younger players wishing to challenge themselves and compete for larger prizes are welcome to play in the Main Event.


Will online pairings be available?

Yes. Round pairings will be posted online in addition to at the event.


Can a player suspended from another organized play program articipate in this event?

In the interest of creating a fun, fair and enjoyable tournament atmosphere for all, players currently suspended from any other organized play program should contact the tournament organizer for approval before purchasing their ticket.


Facebook Group

Questions about the event? Wondering who’s going? Join the Klaczynski Open Facebook group!

Small changes may occur to the structure or rules of this event. Check here or our Facebook group to stay updated!

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