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Building Your Collection: Purchasing

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Hey everyone in Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here, with an article about purchasing Pokemon Cards.

But, before we get to that I actually have a breaking news update for you.  It was just announced that the cards that were released in the Black and White Theme decks that are reprints of cards that are currently in the format, will be legal for Regionals (with the exception of Potion).  That means that if you are low on Pokemon Communications, you can use the ones you have from the Emboar deck.  Its not a huge change to things, but putting these cards in your deck could be pretty cool.

There are a lot of articles out there today that talk about becoming a better player.  While reading these articles can make you a better player, if you do not have the best cards in your collection, you won’t be able to compete with the best players. You need to have a large collection if you want to be a great player.  This article is geared more towards  newer players.

Playing this game can get very expensive, so its important to examine how you can acquire cards.  Buying packs is great, but if …

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Pikkdogs’ Uxie Donk Handbook

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Hey everyone in Omar-Nation.  If you have read my States report, you would know that I have been playing with Uxie donk lately.  This Regionals, one of my friend’s decided to play Uxie as well.  So I wrote the following text to the friend as an Uxie Handbook to help him out.  After I read it I decided it would make a pretty good article ( well not a good article, but one that is just as bad as most of the other crap that I write her), so I turned it into article form for everyone to read.                         

If you are unsure of what you wanna play this weekend, then you might wanna read this article to give you an advantage at Regionals.  Or, if you want to play during Spring Battle Roads or Nationals, you will want to read this article.  Because, the best deck will be Sableye donk, and Uxie donk and Sableye Donk are very similar.  The only change will be basically 4 Sableyes instead of 4 Plus Powers, and Special Darks instead of Cyclone Energies.  You might want to change a couple other things, but alas, this is not a Sabledonk article, but is an …

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Opening an Oshawott Black & White Preview Tin

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Here is the third and final Black & White Preview Tin, Oshawott.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

I wasn’t overly thrilled with the tins, but they did make me excited for the Black and White set to come out. After a while, the cards in the preview pack have grown on me. I need to learn to not be so critical right off the bat. At first I didn’t like the fifth generation Pokemon, and now I do. So I suppose that’s how it is with the new card design, too.

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PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 25 – Saving Us From Sableye!

Monday, April 11th, 2011

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

Sableye SF has been a very popular topic this week so I’ve decided to make an episode analysing the card pre and post-rule change along with what we can do about stopping this potentially hard to beat card. Watch for analysis, strategy and ways to counter this possibly over-hyped deck.

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Pikkdogs’ Stupid Deck Idea: Ampharos Prime.

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Hello to all members of Omar-Nation, this is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea for the new format.  As we all know, stupid deck ideas are decks that either are meant to be played for fun, or decks that show promise but have not yet been tested.  This deck falls in the later category.  

Ampharos Prime has  been out for about a year now, and has yet to see any noticeable play.  But with the changes in the format, it may just be time to dust off your Amphy Primes and make a deck out of them.

Ampharos Prime has the “Conductivity” Poke-Body, which lets you put 1 damage counter on every Pokemon that your opponent attaches an energy to from his/her hand.  It has one attack “Crunch” that does 40 damage for LCC, and allows you to flip a coin.  If you flip heads you do 40 more damage, if you flip tails you can discard an energy from the defending Pokemon.

The reason that Ampharos Prime might make a good deck is because of the increase in the amount of decks that attach a lot of energy.  Thanks to Feraligatr Prime’s “Raindance” (that allows you to attach …

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Pikkdog’s Pikks Three: Gyarados Sf, Defender, and Cinccino

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

A big hello to all members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here with another Pikk Three article.  Two Pikk Three articles in one week?  There must not be much going on in the Pokemon world.  Actually, there are a couple things going on, lets look at a couple of news stories.  

The first news story is that the Black and White Theme decks are now out!  You can get a little taste of the new set by picking up a Black and White theme deck.  There are three decks released, each featuring the last evolution form of the three Black and White starters.  Unfortunately,  the featured cards in these decks are not the ones in the Black and White Japanese sets.  For example, if you pick up the Emboar theme deck does not come with the Emboar that lets you attack Fire energies, it comes with a different one.  But, the good part of the deck is that you can play with the deck you purchase on  You don’t even need to type in a code.  The website has a cool feature where you just need to hold a card that comes with the theme deck up to your …

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Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Crush Hammer, Musharna, and Reuniclus

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Hey all members of Omar-Nation.  Welcome to a special edition of Pikkdogs Pikks three.  Usually I provide you a review of three cards; one that is commonly used, one that I feel is under-rated, and one that is from a new or yet un-released yet.  But this edition of Pikk Three is special.  This edition mixes up the former two categories.  This a review of three cards from the Black and White cards that are good, but not many people are talking about them.  So now that you know whats coming at you, lets start the party!

Card Number 1, Crush Hammer

Description- The first card on our list is Crush Hammer, which is basically a re-printed Energy Removal 2.  It is a trainer card that allows you to flip a coin, and if heads you can discard an energy attached to one of your opponent’s Pokemon.

Analysis– The ability to discard an energy is not really something that we have in the current format.  That means that it is something that you can’t really get with other cards.  The ability to discard an energy is fairly useful.  If your opponent is trying to tank against you, you …

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Opening a Snivy Black & White Preview Tin

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Here is the second of the three Black and White preview tin openings that I did. This one is the Snivy Tin and, although I didn’t pull the greatest of cards, it’s my favorite, mostly because of the Snivy figure. In my opinion, these tins are a great deal whether you’re a player or a collector!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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PokemanDan’s PokeClass Episode 24 – What Have We Learned?

Friday, April 1st, 2011

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

Hey All!
This week is a recap of States happenings in the UK. Standings, top decks and future predictions are all in this packed episode along with a ton of news about what’s been going on while we’ve been at tournaments. There’s also a quick look at how our new set will shake up the metagame! Make sure you subscribe!
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