Deck Workshop: Egg-Meg = Blissey + Meganium Prime

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Meganium Prime - GSFirst of all, I want to make it clear that I’m not trying to rip anyone’s idea off. It should be obvious to anyone that reads SixPrizes regularly that this “Egg-Meg” idea was from the recent Egg-Meg: Optimism for new seasons article by doeigts.

The basis of the deck isn’t completely novel. I mean, the idea of pairing these two cards that came out in the same set should have been considered by many. The same powers have been around since base set. Base Set Venusaur’s “Energy Trans” Pokemon Power does the same thing as Meganium Prime’s “Leaf Trans,” and Blissey Prime’s “Blissful Nurse” Poke-POWER does the same thing as the Base Set Pokemon Center trainer card. You can see that the themes are nothing new. In fact, I played a deck that centered around Chansey, Alakazam, and Pokemon Center in a recent unlimited tournament. It has the same idea, except that it moves damage to an energyless Pokemon, while this Egg-Meg deck moves energy to an undamaged Pokemon. The Alakazam deck I played recently was based off a deck that my wife used to play back in Base Set. When I saw the HGSS cards, I thought about …

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