Regigigas: Power Lock Power House

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Hello everyone.  I’m Andrew Ramey and this is my first article here on Team Omar, I hope you guys enjoy this.

Regigas PromoWhen i first started glancing over the new set of triumphant, I noticed right off the bat that some old decks were going to get their hype back and possibly be top tier decks. I had read in a few articles on other sites which mentioned that Regigigas had placed 12th in Worlds ’10.  I was actually pretty surprised to hear this. I further then researched to find more information on this. I  never found a deck list from the original creator, but i did find a very good promo card that he had used. It is Regigigas (DP40). The first attack for (CCC) is Drag Off, does 30, and reads, “Before doing damage, you may choose 1 of your opponents benched Pokemon and switch it with the defending Pokemon.” WOW.  A few things ran through my mind quick. OHKO Garchomp C if Gigas is belted, and the other thought. DISRUPTION. It is not a bright look by any means at all, but bring in a Pokemon with a high retreat cost is a great thing. It gives you more time to set up the Gigas X. When I put 2 and 2 together (Triumphant and Gigas DP40) I knew i was building Gigas right away.

The 2 main cards out of the set that i think gives this an incredible boost are: Twins (89/102) and Black belt (85/102). These two cards are really great cards in Gigas, and I will explain. It is obvious that i would run the Lvl X form of Gigas (SF 100/100). The Lv. X has a Poke Power that more less makes Regigigas. It is called “Sacrifice”. Once during your turn you get to choose one of your own Pokemon, it is now knocked out (YOUR OPPONENT TAKES A PRIZE). You might think well dang that stinks, I am down a prize. Well come to find out that’s not so bad, in certain situations.

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