Pikkdogs top 10 Cards of 2010

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

A big hello to all members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here, and I am counting down the top 10 cards that were released in 2010.  I will rank them based on their current playability, their past usage, and my predicitons on how the card will fair in the future.                 

But before we get to that we have a couple of announcements to talk about.  There is still time to register for the Team Omar 1st Anniversary contest, but you must get your answer into us before midnight on the 31st of December.  That means that if its 2011, you will be too late.  There have not been a lot of entries, so if you hurry up and enter, you have a decent chance at winning a prize.  Also, all of us at the website would like to wish you guys a Happy Newyear.  Hopefully you guys will have fun on New Years Eve, but remember to be safe.                                         

Okay onto the rankings, there have been 4 sets released in 2010.  All of these sets belong to the HS block, the individual sets are: HGSS, HS: Unleashed, HS: Undaunted, and HS: Triumphant. The first two sets of 2010 were playable in the 09-10 format, while the last two were not.  This year is the first year without Lv.X cards, we have gotten Prime and Legend cards instead.  Some of the Prime cards have been playable, while the Legend cards have seen a minimal impact on the format. So with those thoughts out of the way, lets rank the cards of 2010. 

10.  Gengar Prime

The list starts off with Gengar Prime.  This Gengar was released in the Triumphant set and has not had a significant impact on the format yet.  It has seen some play in Trainerlock decks with Gengar SF.  It is mostly used to send Pokemon in your opponents hand to the Lost Zone.  This is mostly effective against Gyarados decks.  If you can send a Magikarp to the lost zone, you will have a huge advanatge in the game.  But as I said this card has not made a huge impact on the format.  It has made it on my list because of its potential.  If the U.S. ever gets the card Lost World, Gengar Prime will become a lot more important.  This is because Lost World is a stadium card that lets you win the game if your opponent has 5 or more Pokemon in the lost zone, and Gengar Prime can easily put Pokemon in the lost zone.  So the future looks bright for Gengar Prime.

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