The Problem With Porygon

by Ed ~ January 8th, 2010.

I’ve been playing Porygon a bit. The deck is definitely fun to play, because it does a lot of things that aren’t really possible in most decks. Setting up can be slow if you don’t get the right pieces early, but with Call Energy, TS-1 Evoluter, Roseanne’s, Bebe’s, etc. you can usually get a good double supporter (thanks to Download) plus Claydol turn on turn 2 or 3.

There are two main problem areas that I’ve found: getting energy and losing TMs. They both stem from a single problem, though, and that is letting your active Porygon take damage.

The deck can run on very little energy, and you could easily win a game with only 2 with the right draw and matchup. The problem is that your active Porygon-Z will, at some point, take damage. When that happens, you will want to retreat, Switch, Warp Point, etc. You would usually have another Porygon-Z waiting on the bench, and it’s easy to Install TMs onto the waiting Porygon. What is not easy, however, is getting energy onto the waiting Porygon.

The same issue applies to TMs. Sure, you can move them around, but what happens when your active gets KO’d? You can’t move all those TMs once you’ve attacked. You’re bound to lose some at some point, and when you do, they aren’t easy to retrieve from the discard pile.

For example, let’s assume that your opponent can attack for 60 each turn. I’ve recently played against Shuppet Donk, so we’ll use that as an example. Your goal is to get a bunch of TMs and attack for KO damage each turn. Let’s assume that you do that. So, you gear up, drop your 2nd energy, and KO the opponent’s Pokemon. On their turn, they hit your Z for 60. Now what? Sure, you can drop an energy on a benched Porygon. Then what? If you attack and take another prize, they’ll just KO your Z on their turn. You’ll lose your precious TMs you’ve built up. If, instead, you decide to Warp Point, then you can’t attack without another energy.

I’ve thought about it a bit, and I’ve looked at some other posts about Porygon. Here are some ideas.

PokeHealer+: With Porygon-Z LvX, you can Decode 2 Healers to the top of your deck. With all the drawing capabilities the deck has, you should easily be able to draw them and pull 8 counters off a Porygon.

Super Scoop Up: This can work in a similar way as the healers. You have a good chance of flipping a heads if you try for 2 of them, but you still have the energy issue.

A free retreater (or Unown Q + Mr. Mime/Spiritomb/etc.): Given the example scenario laid out, this would allow you to Warp Point up the free retreater giving you an extra turn to get your attack ready. It’s not quick, but it could also be strategic depending on the retreater you put up. Mime or Spiritomb could be good stallers against certain decks.

I’d have to say that I like the Poke Healer + idea. It takes the most deck space (you’d probably need 4), but it is most likely to be quick and very effective. It can also be done with Poke Blower + for some Gust of Wind action, but that would take another 4 slots. If you get the Healer/Blower early, you can always Cosmic Power it to the bottom of the deck. The most effective use would be allowing Porygon-Z to take some damage, and then surprise LvX and Decoding the double Healer.

I was thinking about something like this…
Porygon-Z Level X
Pokemon: 21
x4 Porygon GE
x4 Porygon2 GE
x3 Porygon-Z (Promo)
x1 Porygon-Z Lv. X MT
x2 Baltoy GE
x2 Claydol GE
x2 Unown G GE
x1 Uxie LA
x1 Mr. Mime MT
x1 Relicanth PL

Supporters: 10
x4 Bebe's
x2 Rosie's
x2 Volkner's Philosophy
x1 Palmer's Contribution
x1 Marley's Request

Trainers: 18
x4 Technical Machine TS-1
x4 Technical Machine TS-2
x3 VS Seeker
x1 Luxury Ball
x4 Poke Healer+
x4 Poke Blower+

Stadium: 2
x2 BTS

Energy: 7
x4 Call Energy
x2 Fighting Energy
x1 Upper Energy

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