Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea: Slowpluff (Slowking Prime and Jumpluff)

by Pikkdogs ~ September 29th, 2010.

Hey all you members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here.

The Fall Battle Road season is well under way, and I hope you guys are having fun at your own tournaments.  I have had an interesting season so far, and will try to right up one big report once my season is over.  So make sure to try to play at as many tournaments as you can in the last couple weekends.                                                                                                      

I am here to give you a rundown of a Stupid Deck that I have been playing this week.  This time the stupid deck idea centers around Jumpluff.

Jumpluff has been very popular since it was released in the Heart Gold Soul Silver set.  It saw a lot of play at States, Regionals, and Nationals last year.  Jumpluff was popular because it is a cute Pokemon, that can do 10 damage for each Pokemon in play, for only 1 Grass energy.  The classic build featured Jumpluff with the support of Luxray Gl and Claydol Ge.  The deck was very successful, and appealed to many players.  But, after Worlds the format changed and Claydol Ge was rotated out.  Many players tried to play it after the rotation, but the deck was too slow to setup and too slow to recover.  Some other builds that have seen a little play since rotation included Jumpluff with Sunflora, and Jumpluff with the VileTomb combo.  But, these builds only seem to middle out at tournaments.

At a BR last weekend I saw a deck playing 4 Slowking Primes, and this deck sparked my interest.  I started looking at builds with Slowking Prime, and found one that used Underground Expedition.  Slowking’s Poke-Power, “Opponents Choice,” lets you look at the top 2 cards of your deck, and have your opponent choose one for yourself and one to go on the bottom of your deck.  This not may sound like much of a draw engine, but when you combine it with Underground Expedition it can be formidable.  Underground Expedition is a supporter that lets you look at last 4 cards of your deck and choose 2 of them and put those in your hand.  This means that when you use “Opponents Choice” and your opponent puts all the cards you need on the bottom of your deck, you can just use Underground Expedition to get the good cards back.  After looking at these cards, I was thinking of an attacker for the deck, and that is when I thought of Jumpluff.

This combo can be just what is needed to bring Jumpluff back.  The extra draw power that Slowking Prime provides will help Jumpluff set up and help you recover from a knockout.  Theoretically, this combo could bring back one of the most feared decks of last season. But, then again this deck is classified as a Stupid Deck Idea for a reason, but we’ll get to that later.  Now lets go look at a basic list.


  • Hoppip-HGSS-4                                                                                             
  • Skiploom- HGSS-2
  • Jumpluff HGSS-4-
  • Slowpoke UD-3
  • Slowking Prime-3
  • Unown Q-1
  • Uxie La-2
  • Uxie Lv.x-1


  • Broken Time Space-3
  • Pokeradar-1
  • Pokedex-4
  • Pokedrawer +-4
  • Bebes Search-2
  • Pokemon Communication-3
  • Pokemon Collector-3
  • Professor Oaks New Theory-1
  • Pokemon Rescue-1
  • Palmers Contribution-1
  • Rare Candy-3
  • Expert Belt-2
  • Underground Expedition-3
  • Luxury Ball-1
  • Warp Point-1


  • Grass-7

As you can see from the build, its a fairly fast deck.  The player would try to use trainers and Uxie La to set up right away on the first turn.  Then later you can use Slowking Prime to supplement your trainer draw engine.  Then you can keep on building Jumpluffs to get some easy knockout with “Mass Attack.”

I got a change to test it out this past Thursday with my friend Jona on Skype.  Testing went okay, but the deck wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be.  Some times the setup stalled on the first turn, and other times energy was a problem.  These problems could be fixed with a better decklist, but it still doesn’t have the same punch as it did with Claydol Ge.   Since it relies on trainers, it would fail miserably to trainer lock.  It also has a hard time finding that one card that it needs, when you don’t have Underground Expedition.

Even though it has its problems, it still is a fun fast deck. A lot of people will have fun playing this deck, just because its Jumpluff.

So what do you guys think?  Do you think any thing on the horizon or currently in the format can save Jumpluff?  Or is it dead?

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    Your stupid, Why is slowking HGSS not in there.

    • Anonymous

      Well Im not, but the deck idea is. Look at the name of the article dumbo.

      • Ed

        He ain’t ALL wrong, though. The HGSS Slowking could combo well with the prime.

      • Anonymous

        I read that wrong Radu, that is a decent option. Didnt think of that one.

        • Anonymous

          I like how it becomes decent only when someone other than Radu suggests it

          • Anonymous

            Can you read, I said that I misread what Radu said, and then said “sorry, that is a decent option.”

            Its still nothing I would play.

  • What do you do when Slowking gets dragged up by either Blaziken or Luxray? With only one warp point I will just bring it back up and you can’t even attack with Slowking. And 2 for a retreat cost is quite a bit.

    • Anonymous

      that is a weakness of the deck for sure.

      But that is only a basic list that can be altered. And even with the crappy list I can attach an unown q and retreat for one.

      And there is a reason this is called a Stupid Deck Idea.

      • Anonymous

        You played in Worlds?

        • Anonymous

          again I repeat, can you read?

          I said, what I “would take to worlds”, not what I “did take to worlds”.

          I see that minnesota education is paying off.

          • Anonymous

            I never said I was from Minnesota, maybe I’m not the one that should learn to read. Also if you read what I said, it was question not a statement (Have you played in Worlds?) Yes I was suprised because your statement made it sound like you played in Worlds before.

    • Ed

      Good call. You’d want some retreat aid like Warp Point/Energy.



    • Ed

      I think we both know what would stop me from having to edit them. Can you please change your avatar, so I can put those back up? The suggestion from Disqus was to ask you to change it or just blacklist you. I’d rather not blacklist.

  • Anonymous

    And I thank you for doing it. I was able to read this one with my seven year old son to the end, but I’ve had to block the site on his login because of the comments sections. Which was too bad–we haven’t been playing long, but so far I can’t see what about the game would make anyone want to cuss about it.

    • Ed

      Trolling is just another game to Radu. Thanks for sticking with the site anyway.

    • Ed

      Andrew, is your kid playing at Battle Roads this weekend? If so, say hi if I’m there. My daughter is Ava, and she would be playing in your son’s division.
      Check http://midwestpokemon.info/ for dates/times/locations.

      • Anonymous

        We’re in Little Canada, so a bit far from this weekend’s sites. We did stop in at the Source to watch one round of the first BR two weekends ago. I’m also still not sure we’re ready yet–last night was our first match against each other with anything other than theme decks.

        But he talks about PokemonTCG nonstop now, so who knows.

        • Ed

          I’ve seen Juniors play in tourneys with a theme deck. It’s not a big deal. Of course, they won’t have a great chance to win, but they still like seeing all the other kids and their cards. It’ll also give them a better idea of what things other people play. But yeah, this weekend won’t be real close for you. The Source was like a 50min drive for us. :)